“Deborah was very attentive to our concerns relating to our daughter’s speech problems and in her evaluation. Deborah took great care in the beginning and throughout treatment, to explain the courses of exercise and the progress being made. She was always understanding and professional with us and was willing to contact our insurance provider to assist in getting the proper coverage. Most of all, our daughter always loved going to ‘Miss Debbie’ and was saddened when ‘Miss Debbie’s’ services were no longer needed.”

Andrew and Elizabeth
East Northport, NY

“When my husband, Jeffrey, had a stroke, we had the good fortune to have Deborah come into our lives. She combined his areas of interest (music) with his need to relearn how to talk, spell and read. She also helped him develop different strategies to retrieve words when he was speaking. She is a punctual, caring, fabulous human being with a good sense of humor who can handle any situation. Deborah is one in a million and was a major factor in my husband’s recovery.”

Jeffrey and Roberta Ende
New York, NY

“My son Richie was a late-preterm infant born at 35 weeks.  He progressed through all his stages of infancy, toddler-hood and preschool as a normal little boy except he had no speech.  He did not make any sounds indicative of speech development at all.  He received early intervention services through the county and still continued to have no language development at the age of 3.  I learned of Debbie G through an acquaintance.  Desperate to try anything, I gave Debbie a call and for Richie and my family that is where our miracle began . . . Debbie began intense speech therapy with Richie three times a week for 45-minute sessions . . . gradually I saw language begin to develop for Richie through the professionalism and dedication that Debbie possessed.  At the age of five, when Richie was entering kindergarten, he no longer required any further speech therapy.  My family and I are grateful everyday that Debbie came into our lives.  For Richie and our entire family, Debbie is truly a professional “miracle worker!'”

Carole Anne Dreusike
Registered Nurse
Huntington Station, NY

“Debbie made a huge difference in our daughter Kiera’s speech and life!   Kiera’s speech was unintelligible when we first started with Debbie.  She worked with Kiera step-by-step in a caring way . . . and now Kiera speaks well and with confidence.  The best part of Kiera’s experience was that she loved going!”

Doug and Diane Brown
Insurance Consultant and Teacher
Melville, NY

“Debbie worked with my son who has Autism for about 5 years.  She is an extremely knowledgable speech therapist and always thinks “outside the box.”

Sue Carter
Melville, NY

“Debbie is an amazing teacher.  Zack loved going to her every week because he saw so much improvement and her sessions were fun.  Zack never had success like he had with Debbie, not in school or with any other speech therapist.  She gave him confidence and most of all allowed the world to hear what Zack had to say.  We all can never thank Debbie enough for coming into our lives and caring so much.  She’s definitely one of a kind.”

Lisa and Michael Franco
Advertising Salesperson and Promotional Product Business Owner
Melville, NY

“My daughter started with “Miss Debbie” when she was almost 3 years old.  She had very limited vocabulary.  After my first visit with Debbie another parent said, “Don’t worry, Debbie is a miracle worker.”  Well, not only was my daughter talking in a few months, she thrived.  She started kindergarten needing no services.  Today, at age 11, she is a chatter box and is in all honors classes.  When my older son needed help because of a tongue thrust, we didn’t hesitate to call “Miss Debbie.”  She not only helped my son but showed me how to reinforce strategies at home to continue his progress.  To our family, “Miss Debbie” is our Miracle Worker!!”

Kathleen and William Heath
Special Education Teacher and Director of Financial Planning
South Huntington, NY

“My daughter went from people not understanding what she was saying to everyone understanding her, especially her peers.  My daughter was very frustrated with herself before we started with Debbie.  Everybody who hears my daughter talk now is amazed at how far she has come.  Debbie truly cares for the children she works with.  She gave me the tools to also work with my daughter at home.  Debbie will always have my undying gratitude for what she was able to do for my daughter and she will remain in my heart forever.  She is truly an amazing person.  I will never be able to thank her enough.”

Heather Ilardi
Huntington Station, NY

“In one word, “phenomenal!”  I knew as soon as I met Debbie that she was perfect.  The quality of her work is beyond compare.  She is dedicated to each child.  When I first learned that my daughter needed speech I was devastated and just a few months later my son needed speech as well.  Debbie didn’t just help my children- she helped me deal with all of my emotions as well.  We are very blessed to have found Debbie.  She has helped my children to open their wings and fly!”

Jeanmarie Richardt
South Huntington, NY

“My son Taylor has a diagnosis of Autism with moderate language and cognitive difficulties. The tremendous strides and progress Taylor has made through the years is largely in part to his amazing speech teacher, Deborah Hoch. Most importantly, we have all benefitted from the things Debbie has taught us and ultimately she has helped bridge what may have been a devastating communication gap between Taylor and the rest of his family. That is priceless!

Ms. Debbie is everything you could want in a teacher . . . She is warm, patient, kind, energetic, enthusiastic, creative, attentive, and most of all- INSPIRING. And after all these years of knowing her, this is who she is as a person, not just “Ms. Debbie” the speech teacher.

Debbie addresses concerns and works the challenge into the session for the day, and afterwards we discuss how to take what Taylor has learned and incorporate it into our own life. It’s not just a “lesson on paper.” She involves the whole family . . . furthermore, Debbie knows how to keep it fresh through creative games and play skills. It is not uncommon to see her giving a lesson on the floor or outside in her yard. She will do whatever is necessary and sees everything as a learning opportunity. . . I would and do recommend Deborah Hoch as a gifted, talented and truly caring Speech and Language Pathologist. She has sincerely affected our lives and is making a difference not just for one child but for this entire family.”

The Huertas Family
Kim, Joe, Cole, Harrison and Taylor
Plainview, NY

“When I first had my son Robert evaluated, I was told he had a severe speech problem. I was told that he would need at least 2 years of intensive speech and he could possibly be placed in a special school. After meeting “Ms. Debbie” I felt confident he would conquer his speech problems. After one year of speech, meeting with Debbie 3 times a week, Robert no longer qualified for speech therapy services. Debbie’s ability to bond with children, along with her years of expertise, make her the ideal speech pathologist. I have referred many people to her and they have all called me and said they could not thank me enough.”

Sally Rosen
South Huntington, NY

“Debbie is one in a million. My son lacked many phonic sounds and Debbie helped him learn them and also helped build his self-esteem and self-confidence. She gave my son a voice.”

Liza and Eric Tenner
Assistant Teacher-Paraprofessional
Huntington Station, NY